First Domains in WP-Next step & Adding Website in Progress

My experience in website building is very limited. For the moment I have purchased two domains to be used in combination (the how-to I plan to enlist consultant after I will watch several videos in order to learn what I can). Both domains I purchased through Blue Host. One domain I tagged Word Press as site builder. The other domain I did not simply because I missed it. So the second one needs to be assigned to Word Press.

I have watched a very good video about getting started on a Word Press blog site but I am currently very busy preparing for fall shows and making my wood art products. I would like to put some kind of message on the website that says something about me, my products, etc. that I can give out to people at the shows. I don’t have the time to learn how and don’t have the money yet to pay for consultant to do it. Any suggestions for an alternative solution?